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Super Wear Silicone

Proprietary technology is used to produce the longest wearing and durable Silicone available in today's Roller Industry. Any characteristic can be enhanced, to include high heat, release, thermal conductivity, and FDA compliance with little or no loss to this product's wear properties. To date, users report this product has at a minimum doubled the life of previous Silicone materials they have used. Not having to change rolls when switching to a wider web is another testimony to this product.

Tokuden Jacket Roll®

With Tokuden's High Precision Induction - Heated Jacket Roll®, thermal processing precision is achieved in from cleanrooms to the production floor where oil heated rolls face substantial limitations.

When alternating current is applied to the induction coil, a magnetic field is produced. This creates an induced current inside the roll shell surrounding the coil, creating resistance heat, which heats the shell (induction heating). Unlike indirect heating systems, such as circulating oil or hot water, the induction-heated roll produces its own heat.

Tokuden Jacket Roll

Dozens of long thin holes (Jacket Chambers) are drilled in the roll shell that are parallel to the roll axis. An amount of thermal medium is vacuum sealed in each chamber, resulting in area of thermal medium and saturated vapor pressure. Vapor movement occurs continuously and any difference in temperature within the chambers is instantaneously rectified, thereby resulting in uniform temperature throughout the roll chambers and over the entire surface of the roll.

At a roll service temperature of 480°F roundness and cylindricity values are .0001. Even at 570°F mechanical accuracies are maintained at .0002. Temperature uniformity, across the face length of the roll, at 470°F is maintained at 1°F to 2°F.

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U.S. Supreme

This unique material was created to replace coverings that will not stand up to the most difficult mechanical abuse. Namely, applications where the covering is exposed to rough surfaces that tend to abrade, cut or tear the covering.

This proprietary product is designed to have more favorable characteristics and fewer limitations than other material with which it competes. Its higher heat resistance, up to 300°F, are limitations of other materials, such as polyurethane.

Typical applications include wringers, bridles, accumulators, deflectors, tension levelers, and tower nip...just to name a few. Available from 50 to 95 durometer Shore A.

U.S. Gold Select

This extremely high abrasion resistant covering is new development formulated specifically to dramatically increase roll covering life for wet section wringer and squeegee rolls.

Unlike other materials designed to extend roll life, which typically exhibit quite dead characteristics due to a distinct lack of rebound and recovery, U.S. Gold Select has extremely high resilience. It's affinity for water and resistance to typical pickle line acids and caustic solutions will provide significant savings when roll change-outs can be reduced by 2 to 4 times.

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